Customer Feedback

I have known Lisa for about 20 years and for 15 of those years she supported me as my PA. My role was as a senior business leader responsible for in excess of 250 staff and for projects totalling in excess of £25M.

Lisa has many strengths and it was no surprise time to hear that she is now providing this personalised PA service. I would emphasise three characteristics that will bring you a significant advantage in choosing “PA Solutions”:

- Give Lisa a task and you know it will get done exceptionally well and will be delivered on time. Lisa makes absolutely sure that she understands your requirements so that what she does matches what you need.

- If something isn’t going smoothly to plan you can rely on Lisa to get it back on track. Lisa is focused on the task in hand and will get you results.

- The importance of maintaining confidentiality is core to Lisa. You can trust her with confidence.

With her business skills and bright, enthusiastic personality I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa if you are looking for a strong addition to your team.